Boarding House Structure

In LGHS we have four houses namely Bautain (Purple), Colmar (Green), Louise (Pink) and Therese (Yellow).
Bautain Home is named after the founder of the Sisters of St. Louis, Abbe Louis Bautain, a French priest who was an outstanding Educationist and philosopher.
The House Mothers, assisted by the house teachers and house prefects, run each house jointly.

The other three houses got their names from the first three ancestors of the Sisters of St. Louis.
Each house has its main dormitory and its extension. House mothers supervise students’ activities in the dormitories, their evening studies and games time on the field.

In order to encourage the students to keep the dormitories and their surrounding clean and tidy, there is always weekly cleanliness rating and the neatest house is given a shield during the morning assembly on Monday. 

To enhance independence, siblings are not put in the same house.

There are competitive programmes such as inter-house sports, quiz, drama, choreography, cultural display etc. between the houses. Each day, housemothers begin and end the day with their students especially at activities outside formal teaching. The different School and House Captains are also co-workers in maintaining order and discipline in the School.

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